Member Information

Information for members - e.g. rosters, etc.

BVSRG active memberships are split across four crews. Each crew is on-watch 24x7 for one week in four. The actual duty crew rosters will be found at the links below.

  • Application Form to join BVSRG.  NB: transferring members and new members who have had a Police Check within the last 12 months may complete the Stat' Dec' instead of requesting a Police Check. 
  • Police Clearance application form - NB: mandatory for all new members. Notes on completion click here.
  • Qualifications Form - NB: mandatory for all new members.
  • Crew Names
  • Crew Roster
  • BVSRG funds most of the training required by its members. However, approval must be sought prior to registering for such training: Training Application Form Please complete the training application form and send the completed form via email to - Below is the form to be completed for reimbursement of course costs. NB: this form must be completed and despatched to the Treasurer with supporting invoice(s) attached: Training Reimbursement Form

Emergency Information